Three segments of our weekly video blog (segments 1-3). Includes:
1) Avodat Hashem – Serving God: “For the sake of Heaven” and “Know Him in all your ways.” This segment deals with the difference between having a religious consciousness without and with Chassidut. Without Chassidut, a religious individual comes to the conclusion that the mundane can only be a means to a future act that will serve God. Chassidut teaches that our mundane actions have Divine purpose even in the present moment.
2) Torah’s Inner Dimension – The Micro and the Macro: The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet comprise 11 pairs, based on their similar form. Surprisingly, the smallest letter, the yud, is similar in form to the largest letter, the lamed. What do we learn from this?
3) The Jewish Year – Adar, Purim, and Regular Torah Study: Why taking upon ourselves regular (daily) Torah study is so important, and what is so special about the month of Adar and Purim in this respect?




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