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Rabbi David Aaron on Divine Revelation

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Rabbi David Aaron explains how we must listen to ourselves, and how we can be open to this inner voice. To hear more teachings like this, please visit us at: and

Living in Divine Space ● Kabbalah and Meditation ● Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

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-- captioned -- What is authentic Jewish meditation? This short video presentation explains how the six continuous commandments in the Torah can be meditated upon as constructing a Divine sanctuary around us, connect...

Parashat Re’eh 5771 ● Shifting our Divine consciousness in the Land of Israel ● Rabbi Ginsburgh

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How does the commandment in our parashah to eradicate idolatry allude to the change in consciousness needed in our Divine service? What is the difference between the service of a beinoni (intermediate) and a tzadik, ...

The Divine Animating Force within Creation Running & Returning

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Rav Pinson exploring the Kabbalistic Inner Structure of the Creative Life force. Creation is continues. The Divine Life force that creates, animates and sustains creation is forever unfolding in a Ratzu / Running & S...

Inner Light & the Formation of the Four Letters of the Divine Name A Healing Meditation

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Kabbalah - Name of God - Healing: The Yud-Hei-Vav-He are the Four Letters in the name of God in the Torah / Bible. These Four letters contain the ultimate power, and according to Kabbalah we are meant to visualize th...